Botulinum toxin - Botox

Botulinum toxin (botox) is used to treat dynamic wrinkles, for a more youthful appearance and a relaxed and rested face, while preserving facial expressions. You will appear more radiant.


  • Crow’s feet, lion wrinkles, wrinkles on the forehead or nose.
  • Brow lift
  • Signs of ageing

Before the intervention

The surgeon checks there aren’t any contraindications concerning the products used (pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergic reactions, etc.).
If you are taking aspirin or anti-inflammatories, please stop taking this treatment at least 15 days before surgery.

During the intervention

Duration: 15 – 30 mins

The injections are done using very fine needles and are practically painless. Minor swelling (oedema) may appear but it is only temporary.


The effects are visible after 5 – 10 days and remain for 5 – 6 months. Regular injections every 6 months maintain the treatment. Botox can be combined with hyaluronic acid for a more long-lasting and more natural result. Patients are advised to exercise the forehead muscles after the intervention to optimise the result.

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