The purpose of breast reduction is to reduce the size of the breasts, correct sagging and irregularities based on the patient's morphology.


  • Breasts are too large in relation to the patient’s morphology
  • Sagging and/or asymmetrical breasts
  • Pains in the neck, shoulders and back
  • Discomfort during certain activities (sport, maceration of the inframammary fold)

Before the operation

The final size is established according to the patient’s wishes and morphology.
Patients must have a mammogram and/or an ultrasound.
We strongly recommend that patients stop smoking at least 30 days before the operation.  If patients are taking aspirin or anti-inflammatories, they must stop taking this treatment at least 10 days before surgery.

During the operation

Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hours

  • Incisions are made to remove excess skin and tissue
  • Reconstruction to ensure breasts are well supported
  • The scar is often vertical and sometimes an inverted T
  • A bandage is applied in the form of a bra

Post-operative pain is relatively mild after breast reduction despite some discomfort when patients lifts their arms. Some temporary swelling (oedema) will occur.


Pour apprécier au mieux les effets de la chirurgie, un délai de 12 mois est nécessaire pour que les cicatrices s’estompent.

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